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At brandyouwell we believe that everyone is created for a productive purpose.

Our purpose is to help you achieve yours. How do we accomplish purpose? We've developed a three part methodology that teaches you to fish, rather than fish for you. If we do our job, the only time we'll be hearing from you is when you update us on your successes. Our methodology includes:


1. Defining your Productive DNA - Through an analytical approach, we explore a series of activities and assessments which construct your Productive DNA: what you're good at and what makes you tick. 

2. Defining the Opportunity - Whether your Opportunity is scholastic or professional, we take your Productive DNA and assess what it will take to get there. Together, we will identify your matches and gaps to achieving your productive fulfillment.

3. Executing on the Plan - You're almost there, you have a deep understanding of your skills and drivers, you see the goal, now it's time to achieve it! Through this component, we develop a scholastic or professional portfolio that makes the case for your fit for the opportunity. It provides a day-in-the-life of what you bring to the table and how you go about it. Consider it an ROI benchmark for your future University or Employer.

Meet some professionals we've helped:








Christian Decker, Business Development Representative for Omatic Software. 







Katie Gay, Sales Executive for Blackline.

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